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1 / 9 proposal A: final visualisation

Algorithmic-scapes | AA北京參數化城市規劃設計工作坊

Type | 類型: urban redevelopment for a 5 sqkm site in Tongzhou, Beijing, China | 對于北京市通州區一塊5平方公里地段的改造
Host | 地點: Architectural Association School of Architecture
(at Tsinghua Architectural Design & Research Institute, Beijing, China)
Duration | 地點: 8 days | 8天
Year | 年份: 2012
Students | 學生: group A | A組: Lin Linfeng, Gong Jiazhen, Krist Yu, Liu Yixin
group B | B組: Gao Shan, Xing Xiaoye, Lin Yuwen, Tool Nampanwiwat
Instructors | 教師: Chen Chen, Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino
2 / 9 indexing: water system, water run-off, slope analysis and green network

This workshop focused on the transformation of Tongzhou, one of the peripheral districts of Beijing, into a new high-density centre, as part of the future polycentric development of Beijing metropolitan area.
Our unit worked on the North-West side of the planned Canal Centric Area, where the proximity to the junction of five canals gives an opportunity to transform the local industries and poor residential clusters into a new cultural and leisure area.

3 / 9 indexing: population density, traffic analysis and road network efficiency

We considered the existing major infrastructure and the proposed FAR as the only design constrains, challenging the approved spatial organizations and land uses, characterized by a stiff and single-layered zoning. The understanding of the hydrological system allowed us to propose a new ecological and infrastructural framework for the site and to explore new urban typologies that are driven by ecology and environmental dynamics. Parametric tools were used to analyze the site in depth and to generate a new responsive model that is capable to react to multiple factors (social, economic, environmental) and to adapt to the rapid urban growth.

4 / 9 proposal A: water network regeneration

Day 1
- presentation of the site and the specific program of the unit
- methodology and presentation of relevant case studies
- introduction to Rhino
- multilayered mapping of the area

Day 1
5 / 9 proposal B: green corridors and new road infrastructure

Day 2 & 3
- introduction to GH
- identification of the layers for the indexing
- indexing workshop

Day 2 & 3
6 / 9 proposal B: final mesh

Day 4 & 5
- definition of the prototypes: urban typologies and ground control systems
- presentation of the meshing principles
- scripting prototypes (static and dynamic models)
- meshing

Day 4 & 5
-原型設計 [非參數化三維空間研究]
7 / 9 proposal A: prototype behaviour

Day 6
- final catalogue of prototypes
- final meshing configuration

Day 6
-確定最終設計網格 beijing 08.jpg
8 / 9 proposal B: prototype control parameters

Day 7
- proliferation
- GH animations, models and renderings of the proliferated scenarios

Day 7
9 / 9 proposal B: prototype development and catalogue

Day 8
- final presentation

Day 8

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